Music Theater Troupes

This fall, we're shaking things up! We're upgrading our Music Theater Program to give students more flexibility and more opportunities to do what they do best.

Below you'll find details on our Troupe offerings including:

Questions? Our Troupe Program Director, Adrianne will be happy to help you. Email her here. 

View our COVID-19 safety guidelines here. 


  • Students will be placed into group dance & acting classes based on ability (rather than age). We want to set up all of our students to get the most out of every one of our classes, and we think this change will help us get there. 

  • We're adding an additional performance to both of our Center Stage shows. This is something our families have requested for years, but hasn't been possible until now! 

  • We've added a Level 3 Showcase for our Level 3 students. This will be an opportunity for our top-tier students to create a showcase all their own, with a little help from a FAME instructor. This is definitely going to be a highlight every semester!

  • We've added a combined Dance & Acting Showcase that will feature students from all 3 levels, directed by our Acting & Dance instructors. 

  • We've added extra weeks of our dance & acting classes. 

  • We've masterminded a way to offer MORE show opportunities without totally burning everyone out. Students will now be eligible for 1-3 Troupe shows per semester-season. We know our students are busy, but we also know they're creative and dying to try new types of theater, like straight plays (that's theater talk for no song & dance) and holiday shows. See what we're thinking here.

  • Students in either Troupe will be eligible for additional 'featured' roles in both Troupes. What do we mean by that? Here's an example: we may choose a Center Stage show that calls for a 1st grade character. Rather than casting a 6th grader as a 1st grader, we may feature a 1st grader from Rising Stars. Think our production of "Newsies" a few years back.

  • Students/parents will have the option to opt-in/out of our mixed cast shows based on the show's content and/or rehearsal schedule. 

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Rising Stars

In Rising Stars, students will discover their confidence and love for music and theater through weekly rehearsals and classes. Readers/non-readers alike are encouraged to join this class! Rising Stars students will also have the chance to be cast in our additional holiday & straight play shows.

Grades K-5


Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30-6pm 

Semester Calendar here

4 payments of $275

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Center Stage

As a part of Center Stage, students will be trained in singing, acting, dancing, and rehearsal/performance skills, all while having fun and making new friends. Students in Center Stage will be cast in one of two mainstage shows per semester, and also have the chance to be cast in our additional holiday & straight play shows.

Grades 6-12


Monday-Thursday, times vary

Semester Calendar here

4 payments of $425

Have a student who's close to the cutoff for either of our Troupes and wondering what would be the best fit? Click here to contact our Troupe Director, Adrianne, to discuss how we can set up your student for success this semester!

Payment plans available at all levels. Check out our registration options below.


All students must participate in placement auditions to join Troupe. These auditions will help staff place students in the appropriate group class levels, and to give our Troupe directors an idea of where they will fit into our upcoming season. Students who are not available for the above audition date will be asked to provide a virtual audition. However, it should be noted that casting preference will be given to students at in-person auditions. 

Audition Dates - see calendar

Audition Packet - see here

Returning 'Kids Troupe'/Rising Stars families: we know these auditions are a little more structured than what we've done in the past. Rising Stars Director, Mrs. Sarah has you covered! She will be at auditions have her eye out for any nervous audition-ers. 

Questions about auditions? Email our Troupe Program Director, Mrs. Adrianne here. 



Our fall season is full of favorites, and includes the addition of a holiday show and straight play! 

  • 101 Dalmatians Kids (Rising Stars)

  • Little Women (Center Stage)

  • The Little Mermaid JR (Center Stage)

  • I Never Saw Another Butterfly (mixed cast)

  • Charlie Brown Christmas (mixed cast)

Can you tell we're excited?!


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