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Kids Troupe (K-4th Grade)

Service Description

This exciting kids musical invites young performers to bring the beloved story to life on stage. Through a combination of acting, singing, and dancing, children will immerse themselves in the whimsical world of dalmatians and adventure. In this magical journey, children will develop their performance skills while exploring the themes of friendship, bravery, and the power of teamwork. Our experienced director and choreographers work closely with each child to enhance their stage presence, character development, and vocal techniques. From audition workshops to rehearsals and the final dazzling performance, children will experience the thrill of being part of a full-scale musical production. Whether they dream of playing the courageous Pongo, the playful Perdita, or one of the mischievous puppies, there's a role for every young performer to shine. Join us for a memorable theatrical experience filled with laughter, music, and the timeless charm of 101 Dalmatians! There is a 10% discount applied for additional siblings with the first child at full price.

  • Starts Aug 22
  • From 247.50 US dollars
  • Theater

Upcoming Sessions

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