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We are excited to be the only Waldorf inspired pre-school in the state of SC! There is currently only one Waldorf school in SC, we are being trained by their staff and will have exciting partnership information in the future. 

What is Waldorf?

The first question we get! The most recognizable thing about Waldorf is that is teaches children to be critical thinkers. Waldorf education focuses on the individual child. The teacher or "guide" is in place to develop each child's aptitude for thinking, feeling, and acting. 

Individualized Curriculum

Waldorf students are not forced in to a one-size-fits-all curriculum. Students are guided to explore a range of interests. Ours is focused on music.

Whole Child Education

Waldorf education is not focused on core academics. It is focused on the whole child, "head, heart, and hands". Waldorf teachers develop children’s aptitudes for thinking, feeling, and acting.

Focus on Creativity and the Arts

Art and music are infused throughout the curriculum. Most subjects are taught through artistic media, including stories, visual arts, dance, music, and crafts. Kids also spend lots of time playing outdoors. This is thought to promote imaginative learning and the development of social skills.

What are the details?

August 23-June 10, 9-1pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

We will follow CCSD school closures

What do we bring?

Daily- lunch, snack, water bottle

Weekly- bug spray, sun block, hat, change of clothes

When applicable- water clothes/suit, rain coat, warm coat

Do you offer a sibling discount?

YES! 10% off each additional child.

Do you offer a discount if the year is paid in full?

YES! 5% off each child, does not apply to sibling discount.

What happens if we decide to leave in the middle of the year?

We ask that you commit to a full year of payments.

If moving out of the area, you are released from the commitment. Proof of moving is necessary.

Are masks required?

It is up to you. Most of our activities will be outside. When inside, we are happy to enforce masks for your child if requested. Pre-school staff is fully vaccinated or will be wearing a mask. 

What is your sick policy?

We ask that students remain home when showing any sign of illness, including but not limited to runny nose, cough, sneezing, headache, and fever. Students must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to class. 

Are parents required to participate in the classroom?

No. Parent involvement is very high on the priority list in a traditional Waldorf school. We are Waldorf inspired so we do not require any parent involvement. If you're interested in volunteering, please let us know!

More questions? 

Please email studio owner Mrs. Jen

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