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Copy of Waldorf Inspired Play and Learn

What is Waldorf?

Love and warmth 

Care for the environment and nourishment for the senses 

Creative, artistic experience

Meaningful adult activity as an example for the child’s imitation

Free, imaginative play

Protection for the forces of childhood

Gratitude, reverence, and wonder

Joy, humor, and happiness

Adult caregivers on a path of inner development

Rudolph Steiner



Individualized curriculum

Whole child education

 Focus on creativity and the arts

Imaginative learning

Focus on nature

Minimal technology

Waldorf schedule

8:50am doors open

9:00am arrival, indoor play/activities

9:30am clean up

9:40am circle time/story time

10am morning snack

10:20am outdoor play/gardening

11:30am clean up/wash up

11:50am lunch

12:15pm outdoor play

Who Are We
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