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What Does it Mean to be an Artist in a World of Technology?

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

By: Todd McNeel, Media Coordinator @ Boston Lyric Opera

What Tech Means for General Artistry:

Being an artist in today’s society is all about self awareness, identity and determining what you have and wish to say to the world. While the development of modern technology has made human interaction instant, accessible and quick, it also presents the potential for social and professional opportunities to be easily dismissed (do not get trapped behind those screens). The power of the individual, and their voice and talent, remains incomparable and powerful.

As artists we must develop and sound our individual voice, but also the shape and mold the important supportive collateral that aides us in being successful. Create a resume, biography, website and artist statement that reflects you and your artistry as a whole.

What Tech Means for Headshots:

Don’t forget about the importance of good headshots! Your headshot should be taken by a professional photographer. Lighting is key to having a good headshot, so it is important to have a photographer that knows how to scout the best locations with studio and natural lighting. Within the means of what you can afford, find the best photographer that suits you and your needs. You don’t need to pay those crazy NYC prices ranging between $500-$1000. There are plenty of well-qualified headshot photographers out there who will give you a quality headshot at an affordable price. $100-$200 is a great starting price.

Strike a pose! The pose in your headshot is important as well. The key to a great headshot session is to capture photos that exude your personality. You want the people looking at your photos to be able to discern the kind of singer/person you are simply by taking a glance at the photo.

What Tech Means for Social Media:

Should singers have a good social media presence?

Most Definitely!

….but technically the answer is no, you don't need to. Using social media or the lack of using it doesn’t determine whether or not you have great singing technique or amazing stage presence. BUT It does change how visible you are. Having a website is a great start, but in today’s society people are on social media ALL the time. Use the various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) as opportunities to tell the world about your great new gig, rehearsals or even costumes. Stay connected and creative, thinking outside of the box on how to promote yourself in the best way possible. It is sometimes even cool to show what you do off the stage! Check out your favorite artists social media accounts and see how they manage to balance between the singer life and regular day-to-day happenings.

Todd McNeel currently lives in Boston, MA, supplementing his passion for singing opera and musical theatre by working as the Media Coordinator for Boston Lyric Opera.


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