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Victoria Nathanson Pt. 2: The Support of Her Teacher and Parents

I started studying with Mrs. Shanelle two years ago; the beginning of my junior year. She's taught me how to be more confident, moving around when I sing, being more expressive when I sing. She taught me to broaden my horizons; to not stick to just punk, rock, Lady Gaga, or the Beatles.

Without my parents support I don't think I could be as confident or passionate as I am with music now. My mom sits in on every other lesson with Ms. Shanelle. She knows me the best, so she will give outsider input and that's really good because there are things Ms. Shanelle and I see technical-wise that my mom sees from an outsider standpoint.

FAME has definitely helped with my confidence. When I first started lessons, I was very shy. I didn't think I was allowed to move around or express myself. It was very hard for me to not change my style up. I would always do things - I'm a music purist, I have to do things like the artist themselves singing their song does. Being here has definitely taught me that I can change anything to be my own.

FAME Alumni Victoria Nathanson went on to study performance at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.


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