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Top 5 Reasons To Try A Performing Arts Camp

Performing arts encompass many different things ranging from dancing to singing, acting, comedy, and much more. Regardless of the discipline involved, these camps provide many positive perks that are beneficial to all ages. The top five reasons I’m signing my own kids up are:

1. Confidence Building

Performing arts camps can help build confidence for the student both through independence and/or team based performances. Certain disciplines may focus on one or the other however when any student is given the opportunity to perform, their confidence will grow as they take advantage of those opportunities.

A common fear is stage fright, and it’s something we all will experience at some point in our lives. What better way to work through that and gain confidence than performing in front of a group of open and like minded young people all going through it at the same time?

2. Self-Discipline

Self-discipline, the art of showing up everyday and being prepared, understanding what’s expected of you and having the strength to mentally stay in the game even when your mind is telling you to run the other way. We’re all familiar with this feeling. And, so are our kids. Preparing them with the tools that are required to learn the needed disciplines for success is a vital life skill. Performing arts camps engage and stimulate the mind, however children may not even realize they’re learning! Memorizing parts, rehearsing dance moves, remembering their shoes, oh their music binder. You get it.

3. Judgement-free creativity

Exactly what many performing arts based summer camps provide, an inherently judgement-free and very accepting community! The performing arts space is a great place to try something new and different that excites you! Being creative is what it’s all about.

4. Explore a unique interest

Performing arts camps often expose campers to a variety of the arts in each session. A music theater camp typically exposes students to singing, acting, dancing and set making. At art camp children can make pottery, try bead work, sketching, or painting on canvas. In band/orchestra camp an array of musical instruments can be explored. These unique camps are a wonderful setting for discovering a new interest.

5. Entertaining and fun!

What’s the last thing you bought a ticket to? Yes, the performing arts are fun! Concerts, plays, the theater, art shows... go ahead, remember what it was like to dream about being a painter or famous singer. Performing art camps engage campers in a fun and comfortable environment creating community while building friendships.

Whether you think your child would prefer the physical creativity of a dance camp, or the relaxation and calming environment of painting on canvas, a performing arts camp this summer is a great investment. Who knows, with a little luck and a willingness to try something new your child could discover a new passion.

Jen Blanton is a mother of four and a huge fan of the performing arts. She’ll get-away in a heartbeat on a cheap ticket to NYC to see a play and find a good bagel. You can also find her almost every day teaching voice and music theater at FAME. fameperformingarts.org


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