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Mrs. Jen on Staying Healthy Through Cold & Flu Season

Sound Advice Feature: Jennifer Blanton

Hi I'm Mrs. Jen, owner of FAME Performing Arts. Welcome to cold season... the worst time of year for a singer! I want to talk to you a little bit about what to do when you have a cold. There are three things;

1. Rest - if you don't need to do anything like speak or sing and you can lay down and rest, please rest and sleep.

2. Making sure you have enough water is very important.

3. Make sure you're eating a healthy diet. So we're talking no soda, cutting out the sugars. You want to make sure what you're putting in your body is going to help heal your body.

So if you find yourself with a cold and you have a lesson, what should you do?

We would really appreciate if you're contagious if you don't come into the studio because those germs can spread; breathing. sneezing, touching, everything. It can spread very quickly.

But if you're not contagious and you're still dealing with the aftermath of the cold, then you can still have a lesson. You don't have to sing in a lesson. You're able to go through new repertoire with your teacher, or maybe go through repertoire that you have and talk about the characterization, or the rhythm if you're having trouble with the rhythm, or the pronunciation, or things you can do that don't involve speaking or singing.

If you find yourself with a cold, please take care of yourself!

Jennifer Blanton is the founder of FAME Performing Arts, Inc. After receiving her Bachelor of Music degree in Voice Performance from Shenandoah University, studying with Soprano Aimé Sposato, she was invited to perform the role of Pamina in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, debuting at Chemnitz Stadhalle, and Mittelsächsische Theater at Theater Döbeln and Freiberg, Germany. Jennifer continued her Master of Music studies with Patricia Craig at New England Conservatory. Mrs. Blanton has been teaching private voice for over 10 years. Jennifer created the lesson program “Foundational Voice Lessons”© to suit all voice qualities, abilities, and levels.  Every voice is like a house, a strong foundation is needed but the color is your choice!  Mrs. Blanton teaches sight-reading, rhythmic dictation and solfège study with solid breathing and vowel production technique in classical, music theater, jazz and pop. Jennifer appears on stage and in concert in the Charleston area.


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