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Mrs. Angie Shares How Music Theory Relates to Dance

Sound Advice Feature: Angie Cirnigliaro

Hi guys, I'm Miss Angie and I'm the dance instructor here at FAME and the choreographer for our upcoming production of Newsies.

Today I want to talk you music students about using your music theory to understand rhythm in your movement and your dancing theatre.

So you all know your quarter note and we count it one two three four. Its a walking speed one two three four. You might clap it one two three four and you can dance it one two three four. You have one two three four one two three four.

Your eighth note is half of that sound so you've got one and two and three and four. It's a jogging speed one and two and three and four. You can clap it one and two and three and four. You can dance it one and two and three and four and one and two and three and four. My favorite is the triplet.

The triplet is a quarter note that's split into three. It's a little trickier to count. One and a two and a three and a four and (clapping). My percussion students might like to scat (scatting). But you can tap it (snapping fingers and tapping) one and a two and three and a four, one and a two and a three and a four.

Then of course we've got our sixteenth note which is our shortest note that we're going to use when we're dancing usually. We count it one e and and a two e and a three e and a four. We can clap it (clapping and scatting).

I hope this helps you with your upcoming auditions or learning choreography just by applying everything that you already know to something that we might be doing different. I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Angie Cirnigliaro is a masterful and enthusiastic dance instructor bringing over two decades of experience teaching all ages, and three decades of intense study in all styles. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts Management (College of Charleston 1998), is a certified advanced instructor of tap and ballet, and has exemplary qualifications for teaching musical theater, improvisation, and preschool dance, among many other styles. Angie also teaches non-traditional classes through her organization, FEELanthropi Integrative Arts, for specially-abled dancers, those with movement and memory challenges, and developmental youth programs. She enjoys ongoing education through such prestigious training as the Dance Teacher Summit NYC, Dance Life Retreat Center, Rhythm DanceWorks, Dance with Parkinson’s, and instructor/business classes at industry conventions. She is always excited to share her passion and extensive knowledge with students of the dance community.


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