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Tuning Your Piano

SoundAdvice Feature: Jessica Minahan White

Hello, my name is Jessica Minahan White and today I'm going to talk to you about tuning your piano.

The first thing I'm going to talk about is how often to tune your piano. Whether you're a vocal student, a piano student, or if you just have a piano at your house for decoration; you need to take care of it to extend the life of it and extend its value. The ammount of times you tune it per year is twice a year, which is every six months.

It's important to know exactly when to tune it according to the seasons. If you tune it right at a season change, you're not going to get a full value from that tuning. You're going to want to wait until the season has fully changed over. For example, if you tune your piano right when it's switching from fall to winter, it's not going to last as long and the strings are going to be a little bit confused. So if you wait, and tune it for example in January or February it will hold it's tune longer.

I always recommend that my students tune their piano right in the middle of winter and right in the middle of summer so they can get the full extensive value of their piano tuning time.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions about caring for your piano, be sure to contact FAME Performing Arts Studio. They have some great references for piano tuners and technicians who can help you with any further assistance.

Jessica Minahan White boasts a well-rounded musical capacity in the area of piano and voice. From a very young age, her musical interests were fostered in her home, church, and school. She began teaching beginner piano students at the age of 15, and knew that teaching piano would stay with her for life. After high school, Jessica continued to teach private students while studying piano pedagogy for two years at Northland International University. In 2008 she returned home and began her own piano teaching business based in Mount Pleasant, SC while earning her classical piano performance certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music (of Toronto, ON). She has taught lessons ever since! In addition to teaching private lessons, Jessica stays active in the Charleston music scene, with her bright ear extending her abilities to a variety of genres, collaborative opportunities, and composing endeavors. She recorded her first solo piano album “Grace Notes” in 2016, which features her piano improvisations woven with inspiring hymns and classical works. She has been a familiar face to FAME Performing Arts as a piano accompanist for many years, and is excited to add her teaching services to the studio!


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