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Guitar Tab & How It Can Help You Learn Almost Any Song

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Sound Advice Feature: Jeff Kozelski

I was really into playing the guitar by the time I was 9 years old.

I got an old Yamaha hand-me-down acoustic guitar for Christmas when I was 7. This was well before the time of widespread Internet and technology. Spending my allowance on Guitar World magazine was a pretty common occurrence.

Every month GW would have a newly featured artist like Van Halen or Eric Clapton and about five random guitar songs to learn using guitar tablature. Jimi Hendrix’s "Purple Haze" and Led Zeppelin’s "Black Dog" were an actual possibility, but how?

How does a 9 year old learn the guitar solo for “Stairway To Heaven”?

The introduction to Guitar Tab was the answer.

While most instruments where reading music using standard notation, the guitar was much easier to understand using tab. Each line of guitar tab represents a string and the number written on that line is the fret you put your finger on. So guitar tab pretty much gave me all the answers I needed so I could play songs I wanted.

This is a very accessible way to learning your very favorite songs in a matter of days or weeks. After learning the intro to “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, I knew the sky was the limit. Because of guitar tab being so easy to understand, I was captivated to learn more.

Now guitar tablature sights, such as ultimateguitar.com with over 80,000 songs, are all over the Internet. Learning almost any song your heart desires is only a couple clicks away. The Internet is overflowing with resources to get you started.

Jeff Kozelski has been playing guitar for over 20 years. He began taking lessons when he was 12 years old and began studying music theory under Robert Newton at 19. By the age of 17, Jeff was playing solo gigs at restaurants. Jeff has played with a number of bands, most recently, King Hippo. Jeff performed lead guitar and vocals for King Hippo while they toured across the country and recorded three albums. Jeff has been teaching guitar lessons for 10 years. He has a large curriculum from which to choose and individualize his instruction based on student need, ranging from beginner guitar to advanced jazz theory.


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