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FAME Alumni Maddie Fink on Her Arts Experiences in Charleston

FAMEous Sounds Feature: Maddie Fink

Hi I'm Maddie Fink and I'm a FAME alumni.

So I've been in choir since I was in third grade and then in my freshman year in high school Jen Blanton came to Wando and was like "Does anyone want to take lessons?" and I was like "Yeah!"

So I'm in school at the College of Charleston and I'm majoring in Arts Management which is super fun. I knew I wanted to do something with the arts because I can't imaging not being surrounded by it constantly. They have a really amazing program there. It's a blend of business classes and arts electives and I'm learning and it has helped me get a lot of internships and jobs that are going to be really helpful, so I work for the Symphony and I work for Spoleto.

I'm currently engaged in the performance world because I perform a lot with Charleston Stage downtown at the Dock Street Theatre. I've been doing shows with them since I started college. I was Amber in Hairspray which was so much fun and then I was in White Christmas and Sister Act and last year I was in Little Mermaid which was also so much fun.

There are so many paths I could down that it's daunting but I'm pretty ambitious and I would love to eventually either be the director of development or maybe the artistic director of an arts festival or some theatre company.

If I could give advice to my freshman year of high school self I would say "Maddie, you actually have to practice. You can't just come into your lesson and wing it because listening to the song on Youtube is not the same."


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