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5 Discoveries of a Career Musician

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

By: Ryan Sherk

Howdy y’all,

As a new teacher at FAME, I’d like to share with you some interesting discoveries I’ve made through my Musical journey and hopefully keep it short and to the point. My hope is that some of these ideas can be applied to your own pursuit of music and the creative arts.

1. Creativity can’t be measured.

Some days are going to be productive and inspiring, other days well, not so much. Don’t get caught up in the loop of creative efficiency. It becomes counter productive so very quickly.

2. Practice makes perfect but passion makes great musicians.

Being able to show emotion through performance is so critically important I can’t believe it gets overlooked at times. Working through changes and phrases in a methodical way is necessary to advance in your playing but if it lacks sincerity, the value of your music is diminished. (Pun intended)

3. Listen to everything, you never know what you might relate to.

This idea especially applies to young students who have some strong opinions on what good music is. I spent so many years saying I didn’t care for certain types of music that I never even gave a chance by listening. Thinking about all the creative inspiration I missed out on is certainly something to raise concern.

4. You’ll never be better than anyone else, and no one will be better than you.

We all have tendencies to compare our progress and abilities during our musical endeavors. You can only be better than your previous self.

5. Becoming a musician is no easy task, but it is so very rewarding.

So above all else, don’t forget to have fun writing, practicing and performing.

There ya have it, things I know now that I wish I knew then.

Good luck with your musical expedition!

- Ryan Sherk

Ryan comes to us from Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he was the owner of his own music school, "Just Lessons". He has been teaching guitar for over 10 years. If you're lucky, you might catch him performing locally in the Charleston Area!

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